CTA sets meetings between South Side residents, artists

CTA sets meetings between South Side residents, artists Live

The CTA will have artists do work in Red Line south stations like they did in north stations last year.

By Tracy Swartz

The CTA will have meetings next week for South Side residents to introduce artists who will be creating works for eight Red Line stations that saw renovations last year.

The new artwork is part of the $425 million, five-month overhaul of the southern portion of the Red Line, which reopened in October.
A separate art project is planned for the 95th Street station.

The meetings, which begin at 6 p.
m., will be at the following:

>> Tuesday at St.
Samuel Church of God in Christ, 8749 S. State St., for the 87th Street station
>> Wednesday at Friendly Temple Church, 7745 S. State St., for the 63rd, 69th and 79th Streets stations
>> Thursday at Wentworth Gardens Gymnasium, 3770 S. Wentworth Ave. for the Cermak-Chinatown, Sox-35th, 47th Street and Garfield stations.



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