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Oh it's on! Mayor Emanuel has even made a wager with St. Paul Mayor Chris
Coleman over the outcome of the Hawks-Wild series.

(Chris Sweda/ Chicago Tribune / June 28, 2013)

“I am excited to take part in this wager with our friends from the north. I have full confidence that our mighty Blackhawks will be victorious in this series. In the unlikely case that things don't go our way, I am prepared to send a six-pack of our hoppy pride and joy: Half Acre Daisy Cutter, a barrel of Chicago’s own Garrett’s Popcorn, and some of our Chicago-style Giardiniera that can spice up any casserole,” said Mayor Emanuel.

What would Chicago get from St.
Paul? A 25-pound Pearson's salted nut roll and a six-pack of Summit beer.


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