CTA driver's union reacts to attack on driver

CTA driver's union reacts to attack on driver

  • By Tracy Swartz

    The CTA bus driver's  union, ATU Local 241, is asking its members to attend a court hearing
    Friday for two teens charged with attacking a bus driver last week after one of their fare cards had insufficient funds.

    “Please come out in uniform and support our union brother and other members of Local 241
    that are plagued by these violent attacks,” said a flier circulated to  union members.

    Kendall M. Henderson, 19, allegedly held down a  50-year-old bus driver while Darryl D. Payne, 19, punched the driver's  head after they boarded a bus in South Shore, prosecutors said. Both men were charged with felony charges of aggravated battery to a transit employee.

    The attack was caught on bus video, according to prosecutors. Ventra cards were seized from the men.

    ATU 241 and the CTA did not immediately respond to comment.

    The Tribune contributed reporting. | tswartz@tribune.com
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