CTA eyes updates on Wilson stop

CTA eyes updates on Wilson stop

  • By Tracy Swartz


    The CTA is reviewing 70 comments it received about a draft report on the
    potential environmental impact of its proposal to overhaul the Wilson Red Line
    station and make it a transfer point for the Purple Line Express.

    The $203 million proposal calls for new turnstiles, bike parking, lights and
    escalators, which would make the station accessible for riders with
    The agency would restore the terra cotta of the 90-year-old
    stationhouse, and glass would enclose the main station entrance.

    The CTA held a public meeting about the project last month.

    "In general, feedback regarding the Wilson station reconstruction project
    has been very positive with many eager to see the project commence," CTA
    spokeswoman Catherine Hosinski said in an email.

    The Federal Transit Administration must approve the final environmental
    assessment report, which the CTA submits with public comments.

    The agency anticipates selecting a contractor for a project this summer with
    construction expected to begin later this year.


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