Hawks 2, Blues 0: GIFs and great goalies galore

Hawks 2, Blues 0: GIFs and great goalies galore

Down 2-0 in the series, the Hawks needed a win in the worst way against St. Louis on Monday. Here's how they earned their first victory in the 2014 postseason.

Toews and Kane are happy. Clap along ... (Scott Strazzante/Tribune photo) 

Could the Blackhawks-Blues series be any more tense? No, we're seriously asking. Between St. Louis captain David Backes getting his head pounded like a pinata and Brent Seabrook's suspension, these teams won't be best friends anytime soon.

Jonathan Toews' early goal stood up Monday thanks to Corey Crawford's 34 saves in a 2-0 shutout at theUnited CenterMarcus Kruger tacked on an empty-netter, and the Hawks head into Wednesday's game at home trailing the series just two games to one.

In the meantime, several players earned punishments of their own in Game 3 on Monday. 


Crime: Blues defenseman Roman Polak jacks Brandon Bollig in the ribs half a dozen times during a scrum in the corner. Not cool man.
Punishment: Polak must ride a Divvy all the way back to St. Louis. In January.

Crime: Jonathan Toews whips a shot through Ryan Miller’s legs to put the Hawks up 1-0.
Punishment: Next time, he at least has to call the goaltender’s mother after humiliating him like that.

Score: Blackhawks 1, Blues 0



Crime: Blues center Maxim Lapierre goes to the box after shoving Sheldon Brookbank into the corner boards. As soon as he’s out, Polak delivers a cross check.
Punishment: A round each against Brandon Bollig with their hands tied behind their backs ought to knock some sense into them.

Crime: Miller stops Ben Smith’s backhand attempt from in close. Ditto on Toews’ stuff attempt from point-blank range. Then a terrific stop on Hossa at the tail end of a Hawks power play.
Punishment: Miller must volunteer at a homeless shelter for three months. You steal like that, he must learn how it feels to give back.

Score: Blackhawks 1, Blues 0



Crime: Hawks forward Brandon Saad kicks the puck down the ice because he broke was broken and he had to leave it behind.
Punishment: He gets an A for effort, but he’s sentenced to watch 50 hours of World Cup soccer this summer. See how the real pros do it.

Crime: Corey Crawford with the shutout.
Punishment: The Hawks goaltender must go to his room and think about what he’s done. So he can do that the next time. 

Final score: Blackhawks 2, Blues 0

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