Most CTA riders haven't registered their Ventra cards

Most CTA riders haven't registered their Ventra cards

  • By Tracy Swartz


    As the CTA prepares to fully move to Ventra, its new fare payment system, most
    CTA riders have chosen to forgo an initial transition perk by not registering
    their Ventra cards.

    About 39 percent of the nearly 1.
    5 million active Ventra accounts are
    registered, according to CTA data from last week.
    When riders get their Ventra
    cards, they have the option to register the cards at
    com to get
    their $5 Ventra purchase fee back as transit credit.

    Registration allows riders to manage their accounts online and protect their
    balance if their card is lost or stolen, CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase said.

    "Registration offers benefits, but it's optional," Chase said.

    Nevertheless, the CTA has been encouraging riders to register their cards.
    report conducted for the CTA last year found that low-income CTA riders were
    not likely to register their Ventra cards, the Tribune reported.

    Before Ventra, about 75 percent of CTA riders used disposable fare cards, the
    agency has said.

    The CTA said it anticipates announcing a full transition timetable by the
    end of the month.
    The agency initially set a full transition deadline for
    December but slowed the move so Ventra vendor Cubic Transportation Systems
    could meet a set of performance goals the CTA says have now been met.

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